dbTrack puts you in control of your listening experience.
Track personal sound exposure in your ear for safe, lifelong enjoyment of your music.


We have partnered with Westone logo - a leading earphone manufacturer to launch dbTrack
Launching December 2018
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how dbtrack works

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An in-ear microphone is included in the earphones.
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The earphone is calibrated to ensure accurate monitoring of personal sound exposure in real-time.
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The daily and weekly sound exposure (a combination of how loud and for how long) are tracked.
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The sound dose per day and per week guides you about safe listening levels and durations to create awareness on how loud is 'too loud'.
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Every ear canal has a unique frequency footprint. That's why dbTrack monitors sound across frequencies according to the unique characteristics of your ear.
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Personal monitoring allows listening to music as loud as you want for safe listening periods. Ensuring enjoyment of your music,safely.
Father and son next to each other, on the floor, calmly listening to music through headphones
I am a parent or audiologist
Change the way you see hearing.
Concerned about your child's excessive listening of music at high levels?
Want to recommend a safe product that also guides clients on safe listening behaviour?
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Musician on stage singing into a microphone
I am a musician or audiophile
Prefer listening to music with earphones?
Want to listen to music your entire life?
Have a deep interest in preserving your hearing?
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parents / audiologist

As a parent it’s becoming increasingly difficult to track and monitor the time and level at which children are listening to music with earphones and headphones using mobile devices.

1.1 billion young persons are at risk of developing hearing loss due to unsafe listening practices (WHO, 2015).

By purchasing dbTrack certified earphones, accompanied by the free dbTrack app - allows your child to listen to music via a safe, high-quality earphone that tracks their sound exposure.
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Due to the growing concern about noise-induced hearing loss, audiologists have been looking for a safe earphone alternative that can track noise-exposure. Finally, safe enjoyment of music with in-ear monitoring is available with dbTrack.

By becoming a preferred dbTrack supplier, audiology practices will you be able to provide clients with the option to purchase a world-first technology solution for monitoring their sound exposure.

The earphones, which will be dbTrack certified, will be from a range of world-renowned partner manufacturers. These earphones, along with the free dbTrack App, will be made available to audiology practices who choose to sign-up as dbTrack supply partners.
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music enthusiasts / audiophiles

Listening to music on the go, with high-end earphones, whilst tracking your listening exposure. Be a part of this music revolution! Your music, your way - for a lifetime!

As a professional in the music industry, conservation of your hearing is essential to your career and passion. dbTrack balances uncompromising quality with safe listening for a lifetime of music enjoyment. High-quality industry dbTrack certified earphones and a downloadable app allows you to track your listening experience.

Leaving you to do what you love - making and listening to music.
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$ 199



1 pair of Westone® dbTrack™ earphones


FREE dbTrack™ app


$ 1990



10 pairs of Westone® dbTrack™ earphones


FREE dbTrack™ app

dbTrack Product


de wet swanepoel
"dbTrack is what hearing health specialists have been waiting for. A consumer option for safe listening by younger generations and audiophiles to prevent sound-induced hearing loss through accurate and personalised sound tracking."
De Wet Swanepoel
Bart Vinck
| Prof of Audiology University of Gent
"Finally, an innovative health app keeping track of your hearing in the background and providing safe listening and protection for people of all ages, including the most sensitive group of youngsters and adolescents."
Bart Vinck
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